Peggy #3

It’s that time of the week when I get to give another lucky person a special little something to brighten their day. This week’s Secret Santa winner is the lovely Doris, who was nominated by her friend and co-volunteer Vic. Here’s what Vic had to say:

Doris is one of the hardest working and compassionate volunteers in the disability community of Winnipeg.  Doris is the division coordinator of the Canadian Council of the Blind Manitoba Division. Through this role she exemplifies the core goal of the organization of peer support for those Winnipeggers who are blind or vision impaired.

Doris has also spent the last several years as a volunteer member of the Access Advisory Committee in Winnipeg.  Through this role she has made sure that the needs of all disability groups are considered during any city-initiated projects such as walking and bike paths, sidewalks, audible traffic signals and Winnipeg transit.

During the past two years Doris worked hard creating a trade show called “Information Stations”, where vendors of products and services for the disabled community can feature their wares to all disability groups in Winnipeg.

Recently, Doris has also extended her grassroots work with the vision impaired curling club in Winnipeg to the international stage.  She has provided seminars on how to coach blind and vision impaired curlers in Scotland and New York.

Doris’s volunteer efforts have enriched the lives of many individuals in the disabled community of Winnipeg.  She is always encouraging on a personal level and places emphasis on the abilities and dignified inclusion of all people as part of the Winnipeg community.

I hope you consider Doris as a candidate for your recognition.  Winnipeg and the lives of many disabled people in Winnipeg have both benefited from her tireless efforts.

I’m not sure what else I can say that Vic hasn’t already. Clearly Doris works hard to make life for those around her better. Her generosity and kind spirit inspired me to choose her for this week’s Secret Santa. Doris is one of those people who make me want to become a better person—and I can think of no greater gift than that.

Doris and yours truly

Doris was gifted with a beautiful collection of soaps, lotions and sprays from Perfume Paradise located near the corner of Vaughn and Portage. In fact, the store’s owner Ari was so impressed by Doris, she threw in an additional $25 gift certificate just as an extra thank you. Thank you Ari and thank you Doris for being a wonderful human being!

Lovely girly things from Perfume Paradise

Do you have someone you’d like to nominate for my Secret Santa? Then click on this link to nominate them today!


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2 thoughts on “Peggy #3

  1. Hi Peggy,
    My friend and I have had season tickets to MTC for many years. We usually go out for dinner before the show, thanks to your idea to “pleadge to shop downtown”, we have decided to eat downtown this whole season. We started the season off with a bang…dinner at Hermano’s!
    Thanks Peggy!

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