Always a White Christmas

Well if all this snow hasn’t put you in the holiday spirit yet, MTC’s production of White Christmas definitely will. A rollicking musical complete with fantastic costumes, great sets and powerful voices, makes it perfect for the whole family.

It’s a few days before Christmas, 1954, when a pair of old army buddies who’ve hit the big time as singers on the Ed Sullivan Show visit an inn in Vermont run by their old army general. The inn is failing, and the boys want to help their old mentor out by staging a huge Christmas show at the inn. In the meantime, Vermont is going through a heat wave and there’s no snow on the ground. (It was hard not to smile at the thought of not having a white Christmas after that massive dump we had yesterday!)

Thrown into the mix is a little bit of love and misunderstanding and joy and sadness, resulting in a heart-warming tale perfect for Christmas.

The costumes are amazing in this one—particularly the women’s (note the photo above). The 1950s style dresses and shoes left me positively drooling with envy. I also loved the sets—there were a lot of scene changes that were cleverly wrought and seamlessly executed. The music has that jazzy, swingy vibe to it that’s sure to get you grooving in your seat.

I also particularly loved the group numbers—it’s a fairly big cast, and several large scale numbers complete with tap dancing, were incredibly fun. And of course, at the end they do get their white Christmas and even the audience gets sprinkled with snow right inside the theatre.

The show runs until December 18 and tickets can be purchased by visiting MTC’s box office on Market Avenue or visiting here.

And may all your Christmases be white.

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