Secret Santa time!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of dropping off my first Secret Santa gift to a very deserving woman named Samantha. She was nominated by one of her staff members, Michelle. Here’s what Michelle had to say:

I honestly cannot begin to tell you how amazing my boss is—I’ve never met someone like her before.

My boss consistently is doing wonderful things and goes above and beyond for me and the other employees at work. She orders us pizza lunches, just because she appreciates us so much. She purchases Halloween decorations with her own money to make the office festive. She has even bought other employees lunch if they were not feeling well, forgot their lunch, or just for appreciation for their hard work.

When you make a mistake at work, although it may be a HUGE mistake, she always finds a way to make you feel better about the situation, as well as learn from your mistake. This is a rare quality that I have never seen in a boss before. I haven’t even mentioned she is 8 months pregnant! She still does all these wonderful things for us, even with swollen feet! She was even having contractions last night and still made it in to work today. Not only is she pregnant, but she is actually having the baby for a family member who cannot have children of their own! This is another AMAZING quality I see in Samantha—she is always helping other before herself. Many people could only be so lucky to have this trait.

I consider Samantha not only my boss, but a friend. I have had some personal issues I’ve been dealing with and Samantha is ALWAYS there if i need to talk to her, if I’m having a bad day she will even let me (and other co-workers) take extra breaks to calm down. I feel VERY comfortable speaking to her. She is a loyal, trustworthy, caring friend. I have worked MANY jobs over the years and have never encountered such a wonderful boss, and I know the rest of my co-workers all feel the same. I feel like Samantha 100 % DESERVES 🙂 a secret Santa! She has three kids—all boys—and that alone I think deserves a special treat!

Wow, what a great lady. The part that really cinched it for me was the fact she’s having a baby for someone else. Samantha told me it was for her sister-in-law and I really can’t think of a more selfless and generous thing one person could do for another. Since Samantha is giving such a special gift to someone else, I thought she deserved one of her own.

Samantha (left) and Michelle

Samantha was given a beautiful bath and body set from Holt Renfrew in Portage Place (and I will have a photo of it for you soon—I’m having some technical issues with my camera right now), but sufficed to say, she loved it. Congrats Samantha and thank you for making such a difference in the lives of the people around you everyday.

Do you have someone you’d like to nominate for my Secret Santa? Then click on this link to nominate them today!

7 thoughts on “Secret Santa time!

  1. Wow, when you think about it, all Sam ever deals with is our problems, it’s about time someone did something nice for her! She defenitely deserved a treat.

  2. I would like to nominate a friend of mine, she is a hard working woman w/3 children at home. I know the pressures of work & kids, I too was a single mom, but my kids are grown now. She works hard all day I know I work w/her With the pressures of hrs being cut possible layoffs, I believe she needs help. Her name is Lisa Ellenberger-Davis, she actually hunts her own food, kills, & cleans it. So trust me this woman could use a little spoilling for her & her kids.

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