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I hope everyone had a nice Remembrance Day. I took in the ceremonies at the Convention Centre  like I usually do, and as always, it left me a blubbering mess. Well, it was nothing a few beers at the Legion didn’t fix!

I guess since Remembrance Day is over, the holiday season is now officially on us. I mentioned the Santa Claus Parade this weekend in my last post of course, but I also wanted to bring to your attention two more things happening at the parade:

1. There will be a little girl riding with the Winnipeg Police Service float tomorrow who will be receiving a wish through the Rainbow Society. The organization provides wishes for terminally ill children. She’ll get a special uniform, dinner at Boston Pizza and really, just get treated like a princess for a day. So give her a wave when she goes by.

2. Since the Children’s Museum is closed for renovations right now, their usual Christmas display is going to be set up inside the Manitoba Hydro building during the parade tomorrow. Eaton’s Santa’s Village consists of a series of vignettes from fairy tales including:

• Sleeping Beauty
• Rumpelstiltskin
• Cinderella
• Rub –A – Dub – Dub
• Old Mother Hubbard
• Three Blind Mice
• Humpty Dumpty
• The Emperor and the Nightingale
• Little Red Riding Hood
• The Owl and The Pussycat
• The Little Match Girl
• Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
• Goldilocks and the Three Bears
• The Elves and the Shoemaker
• Hansel and Gretel

And one more thing I just had to draw your attention to is the Winnipeg Roller Derby League’s Crushes and Carnage event happening at the Convention Centre tomorrow night. I’ve always been totally fascinated by these incredibly tough women who bang around the rink like they’re made of steel. I’d give my left arm to even half as cool as these chicks.

I wonder if they’d ever let me participate? Probably not… I might pass out from terror.


Stuff to remember:

  • Take the Pledge to Shop Downtown for the Holidays. Last week we gave away tickets to the Moscow Ballet. This week, we’ve got tickets for Mira Black at the WAG, as well as MTC’s production of White Christmas up for grabs. Tell your friends.
  • If you haven’t already nominated someone for Peggy’s Secret Santa, don’t forget. I know someone in your life deserves a special treat this holiday season, so play a good little elf and nominate them.
  • And finally, be sure to enter the Downtown Makeover contest!

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