Get it when you want it

I discovered the neatest thing today–Cravers All Night Delivery.

Their model apparently means getting you what you want, when you want it.

Have a craving for a VJ’s Special at 2am? Partying with your friends and are dying for a fish and chips roll from Samurai Sushi? Need a pizza delivered in the dead of night? Then Cravers will bring it to you.

No need to throw on a coat over your pajamas (this is especially beneficial during the winter) or risk driving when you’ve been having a little too much fun. Just pick up the phone, and voila, it comes to your door.

(I’ve heard New York City is like this. You never actually have to leave your apartment to get anything. See that? We’re just like New York now.)

The best part is TeamBuy is offering a deal for Cravers today. Pick up a coupon for $20 for two large two topping pizzas from Cravers All Night Delivery.

Cravers All Night Delivery
801-388 Portage Avenue
415-I-EAT (415-4328)


Stuff to remember:

  • Take the Pledge to Shop Downtown for the Holidays. Last week we gave away tickets to the Moscow Ballet. This week, we’ve got tickets for Mira Black at the WAG, as well as MTC’s production of White Christmas up for grabs. Tell your friends.
  • If you haven’t already nominated someone for Peggy’s Secret Santa, don’t forget. I know someone in your life deserves a special treat this holiday season, so play a good little elf and nominate them.
  • And finally, be sure to enter the Downtown Makeover contest!

4 thoughts on “Get it when you want it

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  2. JimI am working today and saw 12z runs. The edetnxed runs have been all of the place esp the gfs and ecmwf in having this system affect us or all south. I see GEM is mostly south of ND. But does appear ecmwf/gfs idea may be correct in spreading pcpn into ern nd/nw mn and even srn Manitoba Tues-Thu period as next 500 mb low moves onshore far srn CA and then moves into the Plains and may be blocked for a while and head more north-northeast toward srn MN-nrn IA mid week. While system is no blockbuster I can certainly see tues-wed-thu pcpn amts of around an inch in far srn RRV with half inch or so ne nd. PTYPE looks to be an issue with quite warm 925-850 mb temps and sfc temps above 32F during the day and maybe a bit blo at night. SREF ptype probablities indicate 50-70 pct rain srn RRV tues with a ra-fzra mix idea northern areas. Will need to monitor to see if system will be stronger and wetter than progged. With lackluster percformance from models hard to tell. If we get under an inch liquid over a 3 day period and temps in the 30s probably not a huge impact. Snowpack is ripening down here but no signs of melt season has began as ditches are all plugged up and iced over.

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