Peggy’s People

Keeping in theme with the spirit of giving, today I’m announcing another exciting new initiative happening here at Downtown

I’ve always been one of those people that fully believes in the “giving” is better than “receiving” part of the holidays (although I will always take presents when offered), and with that in mind, I’m going to play Secret Santa to some deserving individuals this holiday season.

And that’s where you come in.

Do you know someone who deserves a little something special this holiday season? Someone who is always working hard to make life better for others? Do you have an amazing boss that always goes to bat for you? Or conversely, a fantastic employee who always goes the extra mile? Does your mom give the world to everyone around her, or does your best friend impress you with her selflessness and hard work everyday?

Then nominate them for Peggy’s Secret Santa. For six weeks, starting on November 18, I will reward one deserving person with an awesome downtown gift. You’ll need to write a short description on why they deserve to win. Your writeup doesn’t need to be anything fancy, just some reasons why your nominee deserves something extra special this holiday season.

Submit your nominations by filling out the online form here. There is no cutoff date, I’ll be taking submissions throughout the process, but the earlier you get it in, the better chance your nominee has of winning. If you have any question, please email me at

Also, don’t forget to take the Pledge to Shop Downtown for the Holidays. Once we hit 300 fans, we start giving away great prizes, so tell your friends!

7 thoughts on “Peggy’s People

  1. Peggy

    Is it about “deserving” to win your secret santa favours? How about some of our downtown residents that live most of the time out there on the streets– The ones who dare to ask us daily for our help– The hurting humans that we turn away so easily, you know,– the ones who the “red coats” try to get out of our faces so we downtown residents can shop, shop, shop and let the businesses grab that money, money, money, our of our pockets– lest a loonie get shaken loose and go to someone who is “undeserving”, holy shopping god forbid! Homelessness, addiction and poverty can go somewhere else but we certainly can’t let them stand in the way of our downtown businesses now can we? — especially as we now enter the hallowed days of our most sacred shopping season.

    Peggy’s people. Who will they be? I’ll be watching.

    1. Hello Downtown Observer,

      I am totally with you on the need to help the homeless and not simply shunt them aside. And with all due respect, the “red coats” actually do a pretty amazing job at that. The Downtown Outreach is a key tool in forming relationships with homeless people and its members work hard connecting them with services and people that can help them turn around their lives. They are not simply ushering people away so they can shop. We are on the same side of this debate–please don’t imply otherwise.

      And it’s not about saving that loonie so you can go and shop with it. Any expert will tell you that giving money to homeless people doesn’t do them any favours in the long run. There are a lot of people working hard everyday to help alleviate the problems we see in our downtown, but change doesn’t happen over night. But the changes are happening.

      And please feel free to watch. The beneficiaries of my Secret Santa may not be the people who sleep on the streets (although if someone nominates someone, they very well could be chosen), because that’s not what this is about. But they will all be people who in their own way make a positive difference in the lives around them. I have received some very inspiring nominations and I am looking forward to brightening someone’s day.

  2. I would like to nominated Santa Brian Sanderson. He is Santa all year round. He is very giving and caring. Everyday he picks up a friend and drives him to Tim Hortons On Portge. He drives friends and stays with them at hospitals. He has been Santa at Polo Park for at least 17 years but in his heart he is Santa all year round. He stops and asks kids…Are you being good? Did you clean up your Room? I am making my list you know. He has a natural long white beard and has a special glint in his eye. He is very caring, loving and there to help. He just loves going to senior places and making them smile. I think Santa deserves a special gift for being a special person who brings joy, hope and love to all.

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