Art of the Costume

With Halloween just a few days away, I thought I’d go exploring into one of Winnipeg’s most amazing shops. Harlequin Costume has been making breathtaking costumes for shows, musicals, operas and the like for years. A quick peek at their website reveals a truly impressive repertoire of shows including everything from the King and I to My Fair Lady to Nine for productions all over the world. I could easily spend days browsing through their galleries.

Of course, the really important part going into Halloween this weekend is that they’ve also got more than 20,000 costumes to rent! My sources tell me they’ve still got plenty of selection if you’re current Halloween get-up consists of that same floppy witch’s hat you pull out of the dusty basement every year.

(C’mon, you don’t want to be that guy that shows up claiming to be dressed up as himself. Trust me, no one likes that guy and your trick or treat bag is going to be filled with toothbrushes and apples.)

The picture above is showing off a very cute Alice in Wonderland and Mad Hatter set that would make an awesome couple’s costume. You’ll totally be in vogue because let’s face it, no one is hotter than Alice (and Johnny Depp) right now.

On top of costumes, they also carry a wide variety of Halloween accessories, in particular, a huge collection of masquerade-style masks. And of course, they’ve also got costume makeup. But this isn’t the same stuff you find at the dollar store, this is the real deal. The kind of stuff they use in movies and on stage. After all, you can’t really be a good monster if you don’t have the right makeup. (I think Coco Chanel said that.)

Harlequin Costume
375 Hargrave Street


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