Everyone needs a friend

One of my very favourite shops in downtown comes from what may seem like an unlikely source–the Millennium Library.

The library itself is fantastic of course. If you haven’t been since the renovation a couple of years ago, you really must go. It’s beautiful, light and airy, and I love spending hours reading in the red leather club chairs overlooking the courtyard at the back of the building–which incidentally, is undergoing its own renovation to become a beautiful new park in 2011.

The Best of Friends Gift Shop, on the main floor of the library is run by volunteers and in my opinion, is just fantastic. They specialize in gifts for book lovers.

Beautiful journals, cute literature-themed items like stuffed Jane Austen dolls and board games that test your literary prowess line the shelves of this little shop. They also carry unique knick knack-type items and a good selection of locally-made jewellery.

Photo by Ian McCausland

They’ve also got lovely stationary and pens and neat little books that talk about important matters such as cupcakes and green living. Right now, they’ve also got the gorgeous letter opener and magnifying glass pictured above. This would be such a lovely gift for any woman who works in a office.

The really cool thing is that this store is non-profit and you’re helping to raise money for the library when you shop here. And since a world without books would be a sad one indeed, that’s definitely a wonderful thing.

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