Fabulous Famena’s

Just a couple of months after Kraut King closed up shop downtown, new life has risen from the ashes at the Garry Street diner space. Famena’s Famous Roti/Curry opened up a few weeks ago and today I had the pleasure of having lunch there.

The food is Caribbean with rotis, samosas, Jamaican patties and doubles adorning the menu. I loved the light and flaky doubles sandwiched around a generous helping of chickpeas doused in a spicy sweet sauce. The Jamaican beef patty was delicate and flaky on the outside with a dense and flavourful filling. I also sampled a roti filled with potato and chickpeas and it was delicious. (I also noticed they sell the roti shells just on their own. I’m definitely tempted to try some roti making at home with these.)

The portions were huge and prices were low making this an awesome spot to grab lunch. The cute and quaint diner hasn’t lost any of its charm in the transition and the owners are extremely friendly. They even told the Free Press they don’t anticipate any of the problems the previous owners claimed they experienced and are happy to be downtown.

Welcome to downtown Famena’s–we need more people like you in the world!

ETA: Sorry, I didn’t give the address! It’s 295 Garry Street.

12 thoughts on “Fabulous Famena’s

  1. I hope Famena’s Famous Rotti at 295 Garry Street does well, but please give me a break on the “good food” part. Perhaps someone should take Downtown Peggy for a good lunch.
    Watching bottles of salty store-bought jerk sauce, bags of assorted frozen vegetable mix, and giant bottles of No Name salad dressings going into meals was very disappointing to say the least.

    I don’t want to be a party pooper, but let’s be honest and real here.

  2. Obesity is a huge problem in North America and Winnipeg has a fair share of it. Raving about “the portions were HUGE and prices were low making this an awesome spot to grab lunch” is almost like saying that smoking is awesome – you get a huge cigarette for a low price. Thank goodness that there are more educated people today that understand the harm huge portions-low prices have done to the health of many individuals.

    I want to rave about nutritious and nourishing, healthy lunch. Lunch that help you deal with stress, lunch that gives you strength and energy to get through the workday. Why would you pay for something that makes you tired and bloated?

    For some of you who are looking for more information: counting calories and understanding what goes in to your body is a good starting point.
    See Canada’s Food Guide, calories count:


  3. The coach is correct, this is why the government is now considering adding tax levy’s to fast food restaurants.

    I for one have not ate at this establishment, for the mere fact that the smell of it irrates me when I walk by on the way to the bank.


  4. People eat out for the sake of having a good meal! Famena’s is an excellent little eatery for that. If the portions are huge, then they are huge! If one is a health nut, then why go here?

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