Super Saturday

Today is the Big Dance on Broadway and I’ve got my dancin’ shoes ready! Winnipeg Cultural Capitals of Canada 2010 has put together an awesome lineup of music, sure to get your toes tapping. They’ll be offering lessons too, so there’s no excuse not to get up and dance.

They’ve also designed two stages with one mimicking a dustbowl dancehall and one a discotheque. I can’t wait to see what they come up with. I’m particularly excited about the entire orchestra of the Ron Paley Big Band taking to stage at the end of the night.

Here is the complete stage schedule:

Memorial Stage and Dance Floor
4:00pm  Square Dance lessons with Ted Kernoski
5:00       Flying Lion Dance Troupe
5:30       Papa Mambo/ Sergei Shvetsov & Wendy Elias from Virage Dance Co.
7:00       Mahekun Studios Hoop Dancers
8:00       Ron Paley Big Band

Carlton Stage and Dance Floor
4:00pm The Rusty Far-I Dub Experience
5:15       Hip Hop lessons with Loa Olafson
6:15       Viva Brasil Capoiera
7:00      NAfro Band African dance lessons with Casimiro Nhussi
8:15      The Wind-Ups
9:15       DJ Penny Lane

Make sure you save a spot on your dance card for Peggy.

PS-Don’t miss the lighting design competition ceremony at 9pm when the Lights on Broadway will be turned on for the first time!

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