Festival Friday

Today, I am heading off to Memorial Park for the first day of Taste of Downtown Winnipeg. There will be over 100 different wines to sample, and I’m particularly interested in tent #4 where all the high-end stuff is going to be. (Since I’m a high-end girl, that’s how I roll.) To see a complete list and wine tasting guide for the event, click here.

Earlier this week, the design teams from Montreal, Winnipeg and California started setting up their creations for the Lighting Design Competition. They’re having an official lighting ceremony on Saturday at 9pm when all will be revealed. The photo you see is Gian Rocco from Montreal setting up their block with gorgeous wrap lighting and giant dangling icicles.

Here’s a quick run down of the teams and what you can expect to see:

Epic Production Technologies from Winnipeg uses spotlights to wash the trees in coloured light to provide a warm glow year round. Four LED uplights and downlights are strapped to each tree providing a multitude of programming options that can be varied in colour, intensity and drama. Located between Kennedy St and Donald St.

Gian Rocco Creations from St-Laurent, Quebec uses strings of pure white light wrapped around tree trunks and main branches to celebrate the structure of the trees when the sky is dark. The LED lights grow with the trees over the years. Located between Donald St and Smith St.

Bliss Lights from Escondido, California creates a magical effect using an explosion of pin-points of light that mimic dragonflies or moving stars. The thousands of dots of lights are created using lasers and other optical elements. Located between Carlton St and Hargrave St.

You’ll be able to cast your vote for your favourite, so keep an eye out for ballot boxes at each lighting display and at the Merchant Tent on Saturday. The lights will remain on until 11pm on Saturday and will also be on from sundown-11pm on Sunday.

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