A sip in the park

Wine is one of my favourite things in the whole wide world. There’s just something about its sultry taste, it’s beautiful colour and the elegance that surrounds it. I also love wine tasting events, because like a lot of people, I don’t always know what I’m doing when it comes to wine. Sure, I can bluff my way for a bit, but eventually discussing the differences between a syrah and a semillion baffle me.

That’s why I’m so excited for the upcoming Taste of Downtown Winnipeg, a wine, cheese and food show happening in Memorial Park during the Lights on Broadway weekend. The event will consist of six wine tasting stations, including one that features rare, vintage varieties. This is your chance to try that $100 bottle of wine you’ve always eyed, but were too scared to buy.

There will also be a selection of gourmet cheeses and food like panini. Couple that with the sounds of the Big Dance on Broadway and the glowing lights of the lighting design competition, and it’s going to be pretty spectacular.

For the downtown work crowd, the festivities actually get started at 11am on Sept 10, so you can head over right after work or convince your boss to let you out early so you can get sampling ASAP. (Just tell him/her Peggy said it was OK.)

The event runs:
Friday, Sept 10, 11am-10pm;
Saturday, Sept 11, 11am-10pm;
Sunday, Sept 12, 1pm-6pm

Tasting tickets cost $1 each where a wine sampling is worth 1 ticket and a full glass 3 tickets. The sips at the vintage station range in price from 3-10 tickets depending on how posh it is.

For more information about Taste of Downtown as well as the entire Lights on Broadway as a whole, visit www.lightsonbroadway.ca.

See you there!

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