It’s coming!

Five events, one weekend. There’s going to be so much activity happening, I’m not even sure where to start. From September 10-12, Broadway and Memorial Park are going to be transformed into a fabulous, entertaining, monumental weekend of fun. If it sounds like I’m overselling it, I’m not. It’s really going to be that good.

I’ve already been talking about the 10+10 which is one of the events, but today I’m going to talk about Ciclovia, which is actually in its second year. Based on a similar festival first held in Bogota, Colombia, Ciclovia is a celebration of active transportation and healthy living. The idea is to shut down major streets to traffic for one day when bikes, runners, rollerblades and skateboards get to rule the roads for one day. If you made it down to Broadway last year for this event, you know how amazing it was.

This year the route is even better than last year with curb lane closures on Wolseley, Furby, Westminster, Young and Balmoral Streets, as well as full closures along Wellington Crescent and the north side of Broadway, meaning you can make your way from Assiniboine Park to The Forks free from traffic.

There will also be a ton of entertainment including a farmers’ market, artisan market, bike demos, community tables, fitness classes such as zumba and yoga, as well as music all day long.

Here’s a peek at the awesome lineup of music happening at the Memorial Blvd stage:

11:15 Julien Desaulniers
12:00 The Kathy Kennedy Blues Band
12:45 Melissa Plett and These Guys
1:30 James Struthers
2:15 Voldis and the melodiacs
3:00 Blue Sky Addicts
3:45 Daniel ROA
4:30 The Crooked Brothers
5:15 Nathan

For images and video of how it looked last year visit this link and for more on all the events happening the weekend of Sept 10-12, visit

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