Bye bye Kraut King

I was very disheartened to learn that the oh-so-cute and delicious Kraut King has decided to close their doors this Friday. They cited that the growing number of intoxicated people wandering outside their doors is scaring off customers. It’s a dilemma that I do understand. They’re in a tough spot right near the Garrick and I can fully acknowledge that there are some rough people around there.

But whatever the issues, the reason I wanted to bring it up today is that I wanted anyone who’s never been to at least get a chance to try it. They serve up hearty German fare with soul-satisfying bratwurst, schnitzel, potatoes and more. And if you have been there, well, now is your last chance. The staff are incredibly friendly, the retro diner atmosphere is totally charming and I know it will sorely be missed.

Hey, maybe if enough of us band together and head over for lunch today and tomorrow, they might change their mind and stay open? Maybe?

Sigh, a girl can try.

34 thoughts on “Bye bye Kraut King

  1. also that place smelled terrible and the people that run it are always sitting outside smoking day in and day out – which should have no bearing but kind of grossed me out

  2. Yes, I heard about his on the radio this morning! Do you think their so-called reason for closing is the whole story?

  3. Food was amazing, owner is one of the nicest people i have ever met, my friends and I would go and talk with him for hours, it smelt like a restaurant full meat, and we always leave conpletly satisfied

      1. Egg, you need to chill out a bit. Posting up stuff that may or may not be true about a guy’s personal life isn’t very classy, nor is insulting a person based on his/her restaurant preferences. I’d take up an personal issues you have with the owner and not air your laundry on poor Peggy’s message board.

        The bottom line is that nobody cares if you like the owner or not. So many people (me included) are going to miss the Kraut King, one of my personal favorite restaurants. I sincerely hope that John pursues another venture in the near future!

  4. I ate lunch there at least twice a month since they opened, as well as today… and today was CRAZY busy.

    A CBC news crew was there filming and interviewing. The official line is that neighborhood crime was too much for them. Whether that is the true cause of summer receipts being down, the bottom line is that that location was not profitable. I don’t see how any restaurant can stay in business with only 12 seats, without a really fast turnover.

    Because I have not seen any of the drunkenness or crime in those streets in the 10 years I’ve been eating lunch downtown… I think the REAL reason is that all of Kraut Kings most loyal customers (local business people) are around in winter, but half of them are on holidays in summer. With no walk-in traffic from tourists, they spent many lunch hours alone… several times recently a co-worker and I were the only ones there over the lunch hour!

    EGGS comments about financial distress are valid, but they are a result, not the cause.

  5. This whole closure is kind of strange. Just last month the owner was talking about applying for a license to serve German beer. He seemed to be in menu expansion mode and not closing the doors mode. Hmmmm!

  6. Thanks for the warning. I got in before the crowd and was able to finish before the CBC camera showed up. The lady working there told me that they have a Facebook group and would be using it to let people know where they are moving to.

  7. Global News is reporting today that they had to call police while filming their story this afternoon due to threats.

    Various news reports spoke to the owners and other patrons who mentioned the issue of the hotel down the street being an issue in terms of problems.

    We do know that the Biz has an outreach to deal with public drunkenness so we do know that it happens. We also have seen the stats that violent crime is up.

    Wild Planet felt they had no choice but to leave downtown after windows being smashed and things being stolen.

    I don’t think people can ignore the situation. While true that businesses fail for any number of reasons, I don’t have any reason to doubt that some people might stop coming to a business if they feel danger.

  8. I am reading yet another article on this eatery that totally puzzles me. I went to talk to the owner after reading many comments on another website to find out what’s the real deal. Here is what he told me: the REASON the business is closing is because they got a lucrative cooking gig somewhere up north for 6 month or so. It’s the money and nothing else. He knew the area before he moved in there so why would he make statements about it now? I think the reason his business went down is partially to the fact that he brought in partner by the name Raven who is very unpleasant and grouchy looking. I personally never went back there after she started to work at the Kraut. My guess is that the owners of the Kraut King just like to get free publicity but don’t like to tell the real truth.

  9. Sorry folks the truth is the truth. The guy used his ex wife and mother and law and several good people from the german community to set up business and then screwed them around and shacked up with his new gal. Food was excellent but it was nothing to do with his cooking skills. I just cannot support someone who can turn their back on there family. Think what you want. I know the truth.

    His so called partner Raven was/is his lover who he was with like 2 days after his wife told him to hit the bricks. She did not put in a dime into that place so partner is a weird description and incorrect. More like hired help.

    1. hey egg i would love to chat with you about john. I know very little of this guy but u can smell his b.s. a 100miles away. my email is, look forward to hearing the whole story cuz i see this asshole all the time. He works in a mine now and picking upasian girls online.

  10. Oh the drama!
    Let’s get past the personal BS that this is turning into.
    Summers suck for all restaurants, downtown is magnified because the workers who form the 90% or so of the customer base are all at the lake and because there are more street dwellers when the temps are above freezing!

    Everyone says they want a vibrant downtown… where are they?

    Everyone says we are doing something about crime…WHAT EXACTLY?

    Everyone says there are programs taking the street people away…SURE, THIS MEANS SHIFTING THEM A BLOCK OR TWO

    Easy for the “Everyones” to say… Problem is only a few do what they say.

    Downtown Peggy is AWESOME! and is a one of the few.

  11. I don’t want to be a downer but public drunkeness/crime isn’t the entire problem here. Yes the area is a rough area but when John started the business up a year or two there was a different vibe within the restraunt. As regular when I returned I would see that john was ususally pretty upbeat but his staff had changed and well gotten a little “grouchier”.

    I didn’t realize that he had taken on a new partner who was candidate for the liberal party in the last provincial election.

    Now far be it for me to suggest that a politician wouldn’t tray and spin something to make a point but if it was just John he would have just probably moved on and left a note in the window.

    my two cents

  12. John and his girlfriend Raven are very strange people. There is definitely more to the story. He did often smoke in front of his business together with Raven that surely didn’t contribute to business increase. I did hear about him bragging about going to sell German beer there and possibly opening another location because this one is doing so well. For me he food was nothing special – it wasn’t good and it wasn’t cheap. When Raven was there she was always in a bad mood and not friendly. Restaurant business is very competitive, you have to excel at everything to be successful – smoking before you serve food is pretty gross.

  13. If I may add to all the comments: this whole publicity that is generated by the owners of Kraut King is what’s called “media whore” – they just enjoyed being in the paper looking like the poor victims. I saw the guy on Thursday, he was smoking outside and laughing, when reporter came in he suddenly turned pouty. What a whole bunch of b.s.

  14. Hey Egg, why don’t you send this story about ex-wife, mother in law etc to the newspaper to do investigative reporting on this. It sounds quite intriguing and fascinating (sad at the same time). They might write up another front page story about those 2 clowns. I also heard that the reason he teamed up with this native chick Raven ThunderFace is to get tax breaks and free grants, making it look like the business is owned by the native owner.

    1. Already on it buddy. Either Free Press offers a retraction or allow her her two cents.Then everyone will see this clown for what he is. Watch and learn folks!!

  15. Wpgtruth
    If you had any business sence their are alot of grants and I guess they tapped into them so what is the big deal

  16. To GM,
    The big deal is that this Kraut guy was NOT driven out by drunks. They failed because they didn’t know how to run their business. Aqua Books is just few buildings away and they have to turn business away. When you make a media frenzy over your failed business blaming it on general problem in Downtown that just lying…no one should feel sorry for them.

      1. Hey Guys.
        Egg is right. this guy is a parasit.
        my wife was his foremor partner at Kraut-King. She investet 20.000 Dollar in this business. The money never showes up at the business account. he had put the cheque at his private account.
        I am not BS here. I have prove of everything i am writing here.
        after we asked him too often about the money he got nuts. so my wife went to the lawer.
        we was at court and won. but nothing to pick from him because the bank was already after him and foreclousured his house.
        He used raven just to can go out of business and can blame the indians and the drunken people for his incompetence tu run this business with profit.
        he allways told me how good his relationship with the owner from the garry hotel was. he said he never have problems with there customers because of this relationship.
        this guy is just a liar.
        he has done the same thing in germany. he owes a lot of money to the people there. and to the governement.
        i talked to his ex-wife about it and i believe he is better on, going up norht. because i dont believe he will be very welcome back in germany 🙂

  17. wpgtruth
    Let me tell you it is not easy to run a restaurant, Do you have any expirence managing a business, if no, quit judging the people. Quit taking it personal.

    1. GM,
      Why are you refusing to even try looking at the real truth? Running restaurant is hard and people who don’t know what they are doing often loose money and go out of business. This is exactly what happened to the people at the Sour Kraut, which has nothing to do with drunks and drug gangs that drove them out of business. This location has never been profitable for anyone. Can you get it in your head? Or you just wanna feel sorry for the guy who screwed up and shit on his neighbours – think what’s going to happen to the price of buildings that are for sale next door – they are owned by real people. This Kraut guy went down and wanted to take others with him – what a prick!

  18. By the way, this story got me curios enough to do my own research and investigation. I went down this Saturday to check out Garrick Hotel and the area. I did see some people smoking outside (so what!) but they didn’t bother me, seemed like they knew each other for a while. I went inside to get a drink hoping I can find something interesting. I got a beer and sat at the table – they had Karaoke going on that day and people were just having fun, I didn’t see any hints of “drug gangs” or anything “scary”. When waitress came over to see if I needed anything I asked he if she knew anything about the German Kraut guy – she said that everyone at the hotel was in shock at what they saw and read. She said if the guy was suffering all this time (3 years) why didn’t he say something before? Staff at the Garrick would see him everyday smoking outside and often would come over for a chat. He was always bragging how his business is booming and that he is opening another location and getting liq license. Obviously he had every opportunity to express any concerns if there were any to the Hotels around, MLCC, Downtown Biz, etc.
    What he did is orchestrated his exit without even opening another location, basically looser publicity, today no one remembers who he is. The waitress also stated that on his last day he came over to her and said “You should not work at the Garrick”, she was offended and walked away since she did like working there, liked the customers and the management. We chatted for a while about this whole thing…
    I have not even a doubt in my mind that this German Sour Kraut guy – John Kreuzeder – is a fake and a liar. I am just really surprised that none of the journalists did any due diligence prior to their write ups.

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