Day 3: 15 minutes of fame

I know I’m not imagining the buzz Krystin is starting to create. I was walking through Portage Place and heard someone exclaim to another someone about the girl living upstairs. Krystin has been mentioned a few times in the world of Twitter–even with the promise of French fries. She’s been offered meals, wine, coffee and even a marriage proposal. (OK, I made that last one up, but given the number of admirers she seems to have, I figure it’s only a matter of time.)

Krystin and I headed to Air Canada Park at lunch time for the Crooked Brothers concert yesterday, and she told me she’s really starting to love her condo and isn’t going to want to leave at the end of the week. One of the things she really loves about the experience are the regulars that walk past her little home everyday. She said it really feels like a community. I think she’s hit on another one of those advantages of living in the city. Time and time again I talk to people who’ve moved downtown and say they now know their neighbours–something they never experienced living in their detached homes in the suburbs.

And for those who say downtown isn’t safe–Krystin is a young woman, living alone in a shopping mall, and has yet to encounter anything even bordering on alarming. Even with her whole life exposed to the thousands of people walking by, she says she feels perfectly safe. So there.

Anyway, last night we hit up the Winnipeg Jazz Festival and went to see Sonny Rollins at the Pantages Theatre. It was a quite an evening–particularly when the legendary musician received a standing ovation from the crowd, even before he started playing. He stuck to the traditional stuff, combining the soothing sounds of his sax with the mellowness of the room. The Jazz Festival runs all next week and they’ve got a ton of great stuff happening.

We were both feeling very good afterward, so we headed for a quick drink on the patio at Tavern United. I’d defy anyone not to fall in love with downtown enjoying a cool glass of white wine with a the gentle breeze on the patio and the city buzzing stories below. It was a beautiful night.

Today I’m going to try and convince Krystin to come to Yoga in Park with me. She swears she would have no idea what she’s doing, but I’ve assured her the instructors cater to all levels of yogi, be they unbendable neophyte or pretzel-twisting guru. (See? Another thing you can’t get anywhere else in the city. Free yoga in a beautiful park beneath a warming summer sun. What’s not to love?)

And don’t forget the Downtown Living Tour & Exhibition starts tomorrow as well. It runs 11am-2pm in the Manitoba Hydro building atrium. Sign up for the noon-hour mini-tour, design for the downtown worker.

Krystin will be spending her final day in the condo tomorrow, so if you haven’t gone to visit her yet, don’t dawdle! Make sure you wave at her. She likes that.

2 thoughts on “Day 3: 15 minutes of fame

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