Day 2: Settling In

I think Krystin is starting to feel right at home in her beautiful condo now. I went to visit her yesterday afternoon to find her watching Avatar (purchased at HMV on the main floor of Portage Place) on her new DVD player and munching on popcorn. She’s been offered coffee, lunch and dinner several times by the friendly people frequenting the downtown walkway system. I actually think I’m going to have a hard time getting her out of there!

Being in there with her didn’t feel as conspicuous as I thought it would be. People seem genuinely interested in what she’s doing there, and the curious looks of those walking by is definitely entertaining. A lot of people wave, a lot of people shout things through the glass, and most just walk slowly by, wondering what’s going on. Krystin was actually riding the bus yesterday and someone recognized her as well. Who knew her 15 minutes of fame would come in such a strange package?

Last night we decided to keep it low-key and headed to the Ground Floor Urban Diner at the Place Louis Riel. This unassuming little restaurant has been getting the attention of Winnipeg’s foodie scene since it opened, and it’s easy to see why. The dining room has been simply decorated with clean lines and dark woods, contrasted with bright colourful art commissioned specially for the restaurant. They do good old fashioned comfort food with care and attention to fresh ingredients combined with dashes of creativity.

I had the burger with blue cheese topping. Juicy and flavourful, the housemade chili and dijon aioli on top, made it truly special. Krystin sampled the Philly cheesteak, which came on fresh bread and was oozing with umami (it’s the sixth sense, look it up). The fresh cut fries are a deep golden and next time, I’m trying the sweet potato version that comes with jalapeno aioli.

Open for lunch as well, they also do themed days like taco Tuesday and chili dog Thursday which are very popular. You should go. Like right now. Who cares if it’s only 10am? It’s lunch time somewhere.

Anyway, Krystin will be back in her condo at 10am as usual. Today, I’m doing things a little differently and taking her to see a free noon-hour concert in Air Canada Park. The Crooked Brothers are playing as part of the Downtown BIZ’s Out to Lunch summer concert series. They happen every Wednesday at noon at various locations. Find out more by clicking here.

I thought it was important Krystin see this concert, because this is what living downtown is all about isn’t it? She’s got an amazing view of Portage Avenue from her perch,  she’s surrounded by good places to eat, and she’s in the only place in the city where free concerts and all sorts of other entertainment happen constantly.

Life becomes so much richer when you’re in the middle of it all.

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