Day 1: Ah… the spa

So Krystin’s first day of living in Portage Place is behind us, and she said it was a pretty fun day. There were a lot of quizzical looks from passersby, including people tapping on the glass. I guess it’s hard not to feel a little like a zoo animal in this situation. (Note to self: put those ‘please don’t tap the glass’ signs up if I ever do this again.)

People also asked her where she went to the bathroom. Dear people of Winnipeg, isn’t that a little personal of a question to ask a lady you’ve never met before? I guess all notion of privacy went out the window with this little experiment.

Anyway, she survived her first day in style and since I thought it could be a bit taxing, our first evening adventure found us at Ten Spa in the Hotel Fort Garry. This is easily one of the best spas I’ve been to anywhere. It is so luxurious and decadent–I can’t get enough of it. From the beautiful dark wood, to the enormous white couches to the pretty little bottles of water adorned with pale blue labels, everything is attended to.

It’s worth a trip just for the change rooms alone. Inside aromatherapy showers, a private sauna and showers that make you feel like you’re standing beneath a spring rain, all put you in a state of tranquility even before you don your plush robe and slippers. In the waiting area, a buffet of treats tantalizes with addictive, perfectly-salted flat breads, cubes of cheese, and a make your own sushi station. You can also order wine and champagne (which we did of course).

My favourite place to sit is in one of two large round couches surrounded by a gauzy white curtain, with a sparkling chandelier hanging above you. One can’t help but feel like a princess in some middle eastern caravan. Arrive well before your treatment, so you have time to hang out. A trip to Ten Spa is about so much more than just the treatment you’re getting. Speaking of which, we each indulged in a massage, and it was pure bliss.

After your treatment, you have the option of being escorted to a quiet room, with even more big white couches, where speaking too loudly would be akin to stripping down naked in the middle of your office. (In other words, it just isn’t done.) As you bask in the glow of your own indulgence, peace settles over you. Ahh…

Krystin is heading back to her apartment in about an hour, so make sure to stop by and visit her. She’s in the east walkway between Hydro and Portage Place. And be sure to visit, to learn all about the Downtown Living Tour & Exhibition happening this Friday and Saturday.

3 thoughts on “Day 1: Ah… the spa

  1. Okay, well this is just about the coolest thing ever! lol

    I love Winnipeg fiercely and this is an amazing way to raise awareness around living in our downtown. Amazing! I’m definitely going to be following along 🙂

  2. My boyfriend and our 7 yr old son are actually moving downtown this summer, we have always wanted to and we already spend more of our weekends there or nearby so this is very exciting for us. Looking forward to the adventure!!

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