Avenue Action

So if you haven’t noticed recently, Portage Avenue is seeing a little action lately. Buskers have taken up the sidewalk regaling passersby with song and music on their lunch breaks. I was out there just the other day enjoying the soothing tinkle of Kerri Wolke. The weather hasn’t been that great (as I’m sure you might have noticed), so unfortunately some of the busking attempts have been thwarted, however, Mother Nature is supposed to show a marked improvement in her treatment of us later in the week, so hopefully everything will go as planned.

(I also have it on good authority that New York is currently doing a similar series in their subway system–so you see, that means Winnipeg is just as cool as New York.)

If you saw the newspaper today, you’ll also see that locals are starting to come around on Portage Avenue and don’t see it as the scary place they used to. You can read the article in today’s Free Press here. I for one am not surprised that most people feel Portage Avenue is safe and clean. The presence of the Downtown Watch and Clean Team is ever-present, and anyone who’s visited lately, would have to see an improvement.

Speaking of music (I was a couple of paragraphs ago, remember?), the Out to Lunch concert series is happening again soon. Check out tons of local talent starting June 23 on Wednesdays at noon in Air Canada Park. I love this series, if for no other reason than I can take my lunch outside and enjoy basking in the sun. (Did you know they designed the new Hydro building specifically so it didn’t shade Air Canada Park during the day in the warmer months, just so people could keep enjoying it? How amazing is that?)

Anyway, just a few things to look forward to. Now, come sunshine, come!

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