Last minute shopping

In case you’re sitting in your office, wishing for Friday to come to an end, and you’ve forgotten it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday, I thought I’d offer up a few ideas. This way you can get up from your desk right now, pick something up and become mom’s favourite for a change instead of that mistake she always regretted. (You know it’s true sometimes.)

I mentioned the craft fair at Portage Place yesterday but Mach Artworks on the second floor of the mall is another great place to pick up the aforementioned baubles and shiny things. They’ve got tons of great crafty items including unique home decor and everything comes in the most radiant colours. Hot pink, turquoise, and purple–yum! Also in Portage Place is Argento World of Silver (right across from Mach), where they carry really unique jewllery. My favourite are the pieces that include bright pieces of various stones like turquoise (I see a theme here) and amber.

Another good option if you’re on the Shops of Winnipeg Square end of downtown is Nature’s Wildlife Window. Again lots of cute little things mom’s love including pretty water colour paintings of scenes of Winnipeg. On your way down there, another good buy might be a pair of fur trimed slippers at Cobblers Corner. I know it’s not technically slipper season, but have you seen the weather outside lately? How did Mother Nature get April and May so totally confused this year?

If it’s a good deal you be seeking, then head over to the Bay Downtown where they have all their diamond, cubic zirconia and cultured pearl jewellery at 65% off today. See? You can’t possibly be the only one doing your shopping at the last minute if they’re coming out with deals like this.

And finally, if mom’s a reader, then try Coles in cityplace for some good finds, including a selection of bargain books. If mom’s a baker, pick up a new cook book for her and maybe she’ll even make you some cookies. Then everyone wins.

One thought on “Last minute shopping

  1. Thanks Peggy! I was totally at a loss for a Mom gift this year! I’m going to check out those slippers. My Mom actually wears slippers year round so this would not be a weird gift for her to receive.

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