Craft Crazy

I usually try not to be too bossy (OK, I totally am), but if you have an affinity for bobbles, doodles and other shiny things that leave you slack-jawed and drooling, you should check out Edmonton Court in Portage Place for their craft sale. I’m a maniac for anything handmade. (Not homemade–think the difference between that bulky yellow sweater your grandmother foists on you every Christmas versus that lovingly created skirt re purposed from vintage silk scarves. It’s called upcycling, and it’s cool.)

I picked up this gorgeous print and necklace. (You’re a little jealous right now aren’t you? It’s OK, that doesn’t make you a bad person.) The art, ringing in at a mere $12 including the frame was created by the lovely and talented Etsy seller Julia Mark ( The cameo, which will likely become fused to my decolletage  in the coming months, is by i29 Designs ( and was $30, including the chain. (She even takes debit or credit cards, so there’s no excuse not to shop.)

If you’re still looking for a perfectly unique gift for your mom for Mother’s Day–psst, it’s on Sunday!–check out A to Z Illusions ( Photographer David Matthews takes photos of objects that resemble letters of the alphabet and then frames them together to make words. You can spell anything you want from a name to a fuzzy word like Laugh, Home or Dance.

You could buy your mom all her kids’ names, or just your own if you’re so inclined (in case she forgot what she named you).

There are many more treasure just waiting to be discovered from almost 30 local crafters and creators, but don’t dawdle because the sale ends this Saturday, May 8.

Also, if you’re a creative person looking for a place to display your wares, Portage Place is looking for local artisans to fill the stores in their west wing. Click here for details. (

5 thoughts on “Craft Crazy

  1. thanks!!!!!! Its always nice to be mention and complimented. I appreciate every good thing that comes my way. This ended my day in a very positive way.

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