Play on!

Once in a while something happens that changes a city. I don’t think I’d be exaggerating when I say that downtown’s newest bar, may do just that. 4Play Sports Bar is like man heaven (or woman heaven too if you want, I’m all for equal rights), and they’re offering an experience unlike anywhere else in the city. That formerly-quiet stretch of Portage Avenue may just see the beginning of something great here. (I hope I’m not over selling this, but I just thought this place was really, really cool.)

The former Blush location looks similar on the surface, but there are some very important differences.  They’ve got a towering 20ft screen blasting TSN and SportsNet all day long. In front of the screen, they don’t have boring old tables–they have an entire 50-person living room of cozy leather chairs replete with cup holders and detachable trays. If they hadn’t made me leave, I might have moved in there.

Can you imagine watching the Bombers win the Grey Cup on a screen bigger than your house in a chair better than anything you have in your house? Actually, it felt kind of like I was in first class on an airplane with that little tray across my legs as someone brought me beer and appetizers. (Definitely not just man heaven then.)

On top of all that, they’ve got an entire bank of Wiis where you can play to your heart’s content as well as a golf and soccer simulator. They’ve got pool tables, Foosball tables and even tables where you can sit and eat (novel, I know). There are 32 TVs and a DJ controlling them all. So if you and some friends decide you’d like to watch the Westminster Dog Show in your little corner (it’s a sport right?), then you just let him know.

They’ve added another bar on the main floor (never a bad thing) and have many varieties of beer on tap, including Sapporo which I’ve never seen outside of a can before. And of course, what would a sports bar be without some hardy grub? They’ve got all the usual varieties of burgers, wings and fries as well as creative plates like cute little sliders with four different toppings, poutine and yam fries. Yum, yum, yum. (Never mind that I was drinking at noon on a Monday, it was totally worth the effort to stay awake for the rest of the afternoon.)

It’s a place with endless potential as a destination in downtown. I see theme nights, sports nights, ladies nights and so much more for 4Play. And if I haven’t gotten you excited about it yet, you must be dead inside.

PS–Don’t forget about our contest give away. Details are in the post below!

13 thoughts on “Play on!

  1. Hooray – finally open! I’ve been waiting and waiting. Tell me this though: do they carry european soccer games? My poor man has been trying to find somewhere, anywhere, in the city that plays premier- or championship league games!

    Wishing the best of luck to 4Play. Although I still think the name is kinda juvenile…oh well. I’ll be checking it out…thanks Peggy!

  2. I wonder if they would let you watch figure skating? But it does sound like a cool place..Hate the name, though..or maybe I am just old..

  3. Until there’s a tenant in the MTS Centre like an NHL team, a tenant that attracts 15,000+ people (mainly adults) 50 nights a year (instead of 7,000 kids and families at Moose games), I don’t foresee ANY new sports bar being successful near the MTS Centre…

    I’ve seen sports bars in NHL cities firsthand that are located near their respective NHL arenas. Let me tell you, business is BOOMING before & after gametime!

      1. Yes, but it’s capabable of so much more!

        Your attitude of “Well it’s doing good enough JUST the way it is” doesn’t really do any good for downtown, or for Winnipeg.

        Be more positive and ambitious!!

    1. With all due respect, I don’t think that’s my attitude at all. I was simply stating what is true right now. Of course it can be better. I don’t think there’s anyone more positive about downtown than me!

  4. heey everyone, i actually work for 4play. its definalty a pretty neat place to kick back and watch your favorite sport, were a sports bar with full menu and plenty of activities to keep you busy if your favorite teams not playing, such as pool, table hockey, electric darts and not to mention our nintendo wii systems or our virtual sports simulator which offer you golf, soccer,hockey,baseball , football and basketball. the fact that we have some one constantly working the t.v’s means that you can watch pretty much whatever you want in the section your sitting in. Some may not like like the name but to me as an employee 4play is a play for not only watching sports but is also a place for play.. with all our atractions i can pretty much guarantee you’ll never be bored =) hope everyone takes the time to stop by and see what were all about. hope to see you all soon….. steph<3

  5. For Golf
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  6. For anyone who wants to see more – check out the 4PlaySportsBar (as spelled) Youtube Channel – or just youtube or google video”sports bar winnipeg” – great video impressions!

  7. You want to see more of 4 Play Sports Bar? Visit and take a virtual tour of the entire club, it’s very impressive. Also, make sure to download and print off the 4Play coupon. Visitors to receive 20% off their entire bill…yes it includes spirits!!

    Tickets for all 4 Play Sports Bar events can also be purchased online at or by visiting the 4Play Sports bar page on

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