File this event under the category of things to do before you die. The annual Taste of the Nation is coming up soon and this is your opportunity to graze through some of the city’s top restaurants while rubbing elbows with the city’s elite at the Fairmont Hotel. (Even if you’re not fancy on any other day of your life, just being inside the Fairmont makes you a  little more elegant than the average person.)

The event is actually a fundraiser for Share Our Strength, an international organization that works to fight childhood hunger. Facebook tells me that even Oprah is behind this one, and I can think of no better sign that something has “arrived” than that. (Well that and being made fun of on an episode of the Simpsons, but I digress.)

There are 30 restaurants participating, but since I’m Downtown Peggy, I thought I’d focus on a few of the ones located, well… downtown (go figure).

Lobby on York is a newer kid on the restaurant block, owned by the former proprietors of Tavern in the Park in Assiniboine Park. If you’ve never been, they have one of the most spectacular dining rooms in the city decorated in browns and blues with a kind of water theme going on. The food is fantastic too with clever things like blue cheese potato gratin and avocado flings (make sure you try my favourite, the downtown burger!).

PS–tonight is the final day of Lobby’s March Oyster Madness from 4-10pm. Oysters for only $1-$1.50!

The Current, located inside the Inn at The Forks serves the best mushroom perogies you’ve ever had. Bar none. And you can’t beat the view especially in the summer when you can watch the river slide lazily by and see the crowds taking in the atmosphere. This is definitely one to show the relatives when they’re in town.

Sydney’s is also located at The Forks, inside the Market. They’re known for their fabulous five-course prix fixe menu. This is another one with a great view of the river and definitely the perfect restaurant for a romantic night out. The menu changes every week, but rest assured, everything they do is creative and delicious.

So that’s a just a sample, and I have no idea what they’re actually going to have on offer that evening, but I can’t wait to find out. If you’re as hungry as I am right now, I’d recommend you check out one of these restaurants just for the heck of it.

Tickets are $80 and are available through Ticketmaster.

Has anyone else noticed I’ve been talking a lot about food this week?

2 thoughts on “SOS

  1. was at lobby on york last week for oyster madness and they said they were likely going to keep it going on thursday’s into the summer and probably ongoing

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