Posh Sushi

The other night I had dinner at the new Samurai Japanese restaurant on Portage Avenue. It’s in the old Fyxx location next to the MTS Centre.

I predict big things for this elegant little restaurant–what more perfect spot could there be in downtown than right next to MTS Centre?

Samurai is such a welcome addition to the city’s sushi scene as a more upscale place to pick up the good stuff. I am totally addicted to toro and Samurai didn’t disappoint. I always marvel at the ability of sushi restaurants in the city to get such fresh fish, when we’re smack in the middle of the continent, but there it is.

Anyway, I tried some of the appetizers including bacon-wrapped scallops that were as decadent as they sound. Other great picks was the agedashi tofu and the gomae. I tried a couple of rolls including the volcano roll which come doused in a creamy, slightly spicy sauce that was sinfully rich and delicious.

My dinner companion and I were so full at the end we could barely move, but then the chef must have decided after we’d spent a week’s worth of our paycheques on dinner that we needed dessert. So he offered us creme brulee on the house! Free food is always a good way to win my heart. I’ve officially added this gem to my top restaurant picks in the city.

2 thoughts on “Posh Sushi

  1. Samurai is my favourite place for sushi in the whole city! They’ve got some fantastic rolls not on the menu like Fish & Chips that are so tasty! If you want take-out, they’ll even run it out to you in the backlane if you pay with cash so you don’t have to worry about parking! And if you’re eating in, they comp your parking at the parkade next door after 4pm.

    Great blog by the way. Stumbled across it on Facebook. I recently moved downtown to the theatre district and I can’t imagine living anywhere else. Now only if we could get a small grocery store and a pub on the east side of Main I’d be in heaven!!

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