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More vulgar, more hilarious, more dancing, Mor…mon!

March 19, 2015


The Book of Mormon

Apparently it’s quite the feat to snag tickets to the Tony Award-winning Broadway musical The Book of Mormon in actual New York. It’s been sold-out for ages.

It’s here to dazzle, entertain, and potentially offend Winnipeg audiences at the Centennial Concert Hall until March 22, and I got to see it last night!

The show is two hours (plus intermission) of “Did they actually say that?!” mixed with “Ohhh did I just LOL at that…?!” and a bit of “Yep. Yep, they went there,” along with the impeccable dance numbers, animated characters, and through-the-roof talent expected of a travelling Broadway show.

Written and created by the writers of the raunchy/comedy cartoon South Park (hint: if that show’s not your cup of tea, this probably isn’t either…), the plot involves – you guessed it – a crew of young Mormon missionary boys (stereotypes abound) as they try to meet the baptism quota in a small Ugandan village where troubles such as AIDS, starvation, war lords, maggot-infested private parts, female circumcision, and rape are discussed quite light-heartedly.

Elder Price and Elder Cunningham are meant to spread the good word to the Ugandan people together, but all-star word-spreader Elder Price has a mini-breakdown over his prayers to be placed in his absolute dream location (Orlando) being ignored, so Elder Cunningham (super dorky underdog with a wild imagination) takes charge, leading the Ugandan tribe to (slightly – ok super – twisted) truth. It’s not ideal, but it all works out in the end, although the Ugandans do not find paradise or salvation in Salt Lake City, Utah as they’d hoped.

It’s hilarious, the tunes are catchy, there are poop jokes, lots of swearing and rude gestures, and it’s chock-full of Mormon mockery and a true tale of friendship. I’d recommend it.


And there’s more where that came from.

Jersey Boys will be at the Centennial Concert Hall May 26 – 31. Tickets go on sale March 23, but I have the presale password!

Visit March 20 – 22 and enter the password SEASONS. Let me know if you’re looking for a date! ;)



St. Paddy’s Day all the way!

March 17, 2015

green beer

St. Patrick’s Day is as good an excuse as any for me to don my shamrock-shaped (no, I didn’t say shamrock shake, but I bet you want one now, don’t you!) glasses, my best green dress, hit the (down)town and indulge in some Irish cream- and Guinness-flavoured things and sip on some cool, refreshing green beer and just spread friendly, jolly cheer! This day only comes once a year – here’s a few spots you might like to #finditdowntown for St. Paddy’s day.

Pony Corral – 444 St. Mary Ave.

Guinness and Jameson are on special, Thistle-Thyme show band is on stage, you could win a Guinness beer fridge, and the McConnell Irish Dancers will have you a-tappin’ your toes.

Times Changed High and Lonesome Club – 234 Main St.

St. Paddy’s Day Liquidation Sale – All beer must go. No reasonable offer refused. Richard Inman & the Mad Trappers play at 9:00, Andrew Neville & the Poor Choices play at 10:30. Always delicious Mexican cuisine.

Shannon’s Irish Pub – 175 Carlton St.

All-day entertainment including Nathan Rogers, Dale Brown and the Brady Irish Dancers.

Carbone Coal Fired Pizza – 260 St. Mary Ave.

Green beer. Prizes. Free Pizza. Free Lucky Charms cereal.

Tavern United MTS Centre – 260 Hargrave St.

Indulge in beef stew served in a bread bowl, green beer, St. Paddy’s Day-themed shooters, and be entertained by the Winnipeg Police Pipe Band.

And perhaps if a friendly, neighborhood watering hole isn’t your scene this St. Patrick’s day, perhaps the luck of the Irish at the Tony Award-winning Book of Mormon ticket lottery will be on your side. Arrive at the Centennial Concert Hall 2.5 hours before curtain, and enter to win the chance to purchase tickets for a very reasonable $25. Stay tuned for my review of the show on Thursday!


Farm Fresh!

March 10, 2015

downtown Winnipeg Farmers Market Hydro (44)

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but it has been absolutely balmy and beautiful for the past few days. The weather has been a fabulous reminder that summer is on its way – and with summer comes a few of my favourite things: biking to work, lunches outside in the sun, outdoor movie nights at Memorial Park and perhaps best of all, the Downtown Farmers’ Market!

downtown Winnipeg Farmers Market Hydro (27)

I love being a hop, skip and jump away from Manitoba Hydro, where I can pick up all the beautiful, delicious, local and freshly grown and made items I need for the week in the summertime.


And it turns out, I don’t even have to wait for summer! From now till June, they’re hosting an indoor market on the second Thursday (that’s this week!) of each month at Manitoba Hydro Place.

We’re a ways away from produce season, but in February vendors were still selling garden carrots, a variety of pumpkins, squashes and potatoes, along with delicious baking, preserves, honey, and all kinds of handcrafts.

downtown Winnipeg Farmers Market Hydro (45)

At the last market I bought a sweetgrass-scented candle from Soy Necessities. It smells delicious and the bonus? They burn for up to 30 hours!

downtown Winnipeg Farmers Market Hydro (18)

Another thing I would highly recommend would be to pick up some treats for the office from Sweet C Bakery. Could there be a better morale booster than cookies? And they have cute and creative flavours – like coconut lime and mocha (as well as the good ol’ chocolate chip, oatmeal and other standards).

downtown Winnipeg Farmers Market Hydro (24)

And for dinner that night, I could not resist picking up some frozen perogies, bison smokies and the absolutely most delicious horseradish mustard from Smak Dab.


So put it in your calendar - this Thursday, March 12, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. at Manitoba Hydro Place, stock up on some local goods!


Hello hockey!! (Help!)

March 3, 2015


Maybe you’ve already noticed, but for the sake of clarity, I’ll say so myself: I’m not a very sporty gal.

I was the kid who would sneak out of gym class to go shopping downtown. I’d choose pumps over pumping any day. I’m much more interested in restaurant reviews than sports stats. And…I’m almost sorry to say that I’ve only set foot in our very own MTS Centre for concerts and things other than hockey.

But it’s all about to change.

It’s been declared the Year of Sport in Manitoba (aside from the usual suspects, we’re hosting FIFA Women’s World Cup of Soccer AND the Grey Cup!) and I’m kicking it off (puns always intended!) the best way I know how.

Tomorrow our hometown boys play against Ottawa and I am very excited to finally have the chance to cheer them on!


Here’s my tentative agenda for the evening. Please let me know if I’m on the right track:

1. Head to the Jets Gear Store at 300 Portage Ave. on my lunch break to pick up something thematically appropriate to wear to the game, so everyone knows who I’m cheering for.

2. Dash to the Yellow Dog Tavern at 386 Donald (hop, skip & jump away from MTS Centre) right after work to grab a spot because I hear it fills up VERY quickly on hockey nights!

3. Have a bite to eat, perhaps my favourite grilled cheese sandwich in the city (the rosemary adds a little something extra special), but really anything on this not-your-average pub-grub menu will satisfy!

4. Instagram (#finditdowntown)

5. Wash it down with a local beer – they’ve got the standard line-up of Half Pints on tap, and they’ve also always got first dibs on any of the exclusive, limited time Half Pints kegs (think Pistachio Mustachio for Movember, etc.)

6. Scoot over to the MTS Centre, find my seats, shout “Go Jets GO!” as many times as possible, perhaps grab a Jets Dog as a snack (I hear they are epic), cheer some more, and hope they win!

7. Instagram (#GoJetsGo, #finditdowntown)

8. Take the skywalk to Shark Club or Boston Pizza or The Pint for a post-game drink.


Sound about right to you? What does your typical game night look like? Which are your favourite pre- and post-game hang outs? What are your favourite snacks at the game?

Fill me in, friends – I’m a rookie!

I love to read!

February 25, 2015



Peggy books

Beautiful bookshelf at Bison Books

While February has been (as it often is) astoundingly cold and awkwardly situated between the holiday season and the dawn of the spring meltdown, it’s been a month full of activities: the groundhog told us that spring is a-comin’, we ate beautiful dinners and brunches and sipped ultura-cool cocktails on the frozen river at RAW: almond, we celebrated Valentine’s day and Mardi Gras, begrudgingly double tapped the Instagrams of all our hot and sunny vacationing friends’, Festival du Voyageur-ed, and paid homage to our hometown hero Louis Riel (by sleeping in on a Monday!). But to ensure that March comes in like a lamb, as it should, I pledge to spend this last February weekend relaxing with a good book – because between all the other activities, February is “I love to read month”!

There’s some great spots to find words on pages downtown – my top faves are:

Bison Books | 424 Graham Ave.

At first glance it’s a cute, unassuming, full-to-the-brim bookstore, but spend a few moments and notice it doubles as an archives, museum, and grandparents’ basement bookshelf. With the sun streaming in the Graham Ave. windows, this is a great spot to spend a cozy, relaxing lunch hour. Bonus: the amazing staff here will help you track down any/every book you could ever want. They are pros. Double bonus: beautiful Instagram shots waiting to happen.

Book Fair Winnipeg | 340 Portage Ave.

This place is the variety show of bookstores downtown. Everything from comics to novels, you could peruse for days and days. Bonus: it’s connected to the skywalks, so a chilly or rainy day won’t dampen your pages!

Coles cityplace | 234 Donald St.

They’ve got all the bestsellers and everything that’s hot right now – plus you get Plum Rewards points that can go towards…you guessed it – more books! Bonus: if you’re like me and don’t mind a little glass of vino whilst you read, there’s a Liquor Mart right across the hall. One-stop-shop.

Millennium Library | 251 Donald St.

Obviously, right? We have this BEAUTIFUL, huge library right here in the middle of downtown! There’s a giant selection of magazines, large-print books, audio books, and absolutely everything in between – and it’s all free if you sign up for a library card (and return/renew everything on time…!). However, if you’re more of a for-keeps kind of person, they’ve also got a book sale on the third floor – everything’s only a couple bucks.


Do you like to take refuge and have a midday reading break? Where’s your favourite spot to do that?

Peggy’s Valentine’s Day Picks!

February 10, 2015

Brace yourselves, my friends – whether you’re ready (emotionally, etc.) or not, Valentine’s Day is here in all of its pink, sparkly, cute and lovey-dovey glory!

No matter what your relationship status, needs, or desires are this Saturday, Feb. 14, you’ll definitely be able to #finditdowntown for Valentine’s Day:

Dinner and a Movie at The Met

The Met often runs Dinner and a Movie events, and it’s really fun to go to the old theatre, have a delicious dinner and take in a movie. For Valentine’s Day they’re upping the romance, and showing the now-classic Nicholas Sparks tear-jerker, The Notebook. Tissues will almost definitely be in order.

Speaking of movies…

Feel free to go all Lady & the Tramp at The Old Spaghetti Factory. Pick from the delicious offerings on their special Valentine’s Day set menu, and be sure to book your table ASAP! Perhaps after dinner, your date will continue outside on the Red River Mutual Trail, and checking out some of the cool outdoor activities at The Forks.

Love Vinyl?

If you love vinyl, you might love the Love Vinyl event at The Garrick Hotel on Feb. 14. It’s going to be an all-vinyl, house music party featuring four DJs, drink specials and a bumpin’ dance floor all night!


Need I say more? I know very few humans who couldn’t find love over a slice of pizza. And if they couldn’t before, they should give it another chance at Carbone Coal Fired Pizza because it is just so tasty. And for Valentine’s Day they’re offering a Sip & Savour menu, including wine, salad, pizza and dessert for two.

As sparkly as you like it…

At the Fairmont they’re offering everything from Bleeding Heart cocktails and $50 Bubble Buckets and strawberries in the lounge on Feb. 13 to an eight-course aphrodisiac dinner at the Velvet Glove, to the exclusive, one-of-a-kind Dine and Diamonds package which includes a night stay in the Royal Alexandra Suite, 12-course Chef’s dinner, limousine transfers and a $3000 credit to Birk’s Jewellers.

Remember to pop in at my space on the second floor of Portage Place to make your Valentine for downtown and enter to win all kinds of prizes!

And if nothing else, eat plenty of chocolate this Valentine’s Day! :)


Show downtown some love!

February 9, 2015

Whether you have several, one, none or only potential Valentines this Valentine’s day, why don’t you take a little time out of your day and show a little love for the heart of the city, my home and yours: downtown.

This week, swing by my Valentine-making space on the second level of Portage Place (where the Lennard Taylor Launch It! shop used to be). There you’ll find all kinds of Valentine’s Day activities including craft supplies, retro love songs on vinyl and a bunch of contests to enter.

Stop by and make a Valentine and let me know what you love most about downtown Winnipeg, or make one ahead of time and drop it off.

For all the details, click here.

Take a guess at how many candies are in each jar for a chance to win daily prizes including:


Bouquet courtesy of Freshcut Downtown

Two tickets to Winnipeg Mardi Gras



Two tickets to Vinyl Love at the Garrick Hotel

Betsey Johnson sparkly owl bracelet (HBC)

Saucy Jack Butter London Nail Polish (HBC)

Bobbi Brown lip gloss trio (HBC)





Two tickets to Winnipeg Mardi Gras

Pearl necklace and bracelet (Flash Boutique)



Two tickets to Vinyl Love at the Garrick Hotel

Selection of craft beers

Mama Pacha’s Brilliant Beard Balm (Flash Boutique)

Paper Chess Set (Best of Friends)

Space Invaders Playing Cards (Best of Friends)

5 Classic Bond Stories (Coles cityplace)






Black and Sparkly

Anne Klien ankle boots (HBC)

Butter London Nail Polish (HBC)

Smashbox Lipgloss (HBC)

Timex watch (HBC)

Two Saturday Swing Out passes





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